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February 2006
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Hi! I'm the sometimes proud, sometimes exasperated mommy/trainer to a boxer/lab mix who just turned a year old. She really is a great dog, very loving, very smart. But MAN she has energy like I've never seen before! We've been in training for about 8 months now (we adopted her from humane society at about 4 months and put her straight into training.) She's thriving in the classes and will be taking her TDI/CGC test on the 4th. If she passes, we're going to start agility classes. She's the sort of dog that has to have a "job" or hobby or she tears up the house (eats things, terrorizes cats, steals toys, etc). While she's shown the potential to be a therapy dog, she's definately got the desire and energy to be an agility dog, so I think we're going to go that route. As well as Sparkle the labraboxer, I have a husband (he's pretty well trained too), a 5 year old daughter (not as well trained lol), a second daughter on the way (due June 12th), 2 giant cats (we joke that they are half siamese, half black lab, they are littermates and the little one is 14 pounds. . .) and a white ring-necked dove. Anyway, I love my mutt and am looking forward to networking with others who love and spoil their furry family members as much as I do!
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lost_snow_angel [userpic]

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not sure what she is yet. her hair is soft and thick but not long. the other dog is trying her hardest to get her in trouble too. chasing the cats or the kid or picking out "kitty treats" but the puppy wont have anything to do with that.. shes lazy and just want sto sleep.. i found her out behind my apt bldg saturday morning. all soaked and crying under a bush. shes all white with black dots all over her head and ears and belly and a few on her body. the patch over her eye is a torti cat color.
the other dog
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is an unidentified jack mix ( or so we think)

plus the 3 stray cats we had taken in over the last 6 months we now have 2 dogs 3 cats and a very scared goldfish :-p

Sashi [userpic]

Helloooo? Anybody out there? Have you guys tried advertising on thedogcommunity?

Anyway, I have two dogs. One is a purebred toy poodle named Dimitri, and the other is a classic mutt named Johnny. Johnny's is a fascinating tale. We got him from the ASPCA as an abused stray. He had been found at an abandonned factory.  He was emaciated and terrified of people.  Oddly, they found him gaurding a litter of puppies that wasn't even his!  Dogs dont' have paternal instincts, do they?  But that's exactly what kind of dog Johnny is.

We joke that he's part duck or alligator, because nobody can place what breed he is.  Some say he's a "terrier mix", but I tend to think he's part corgi, because he has the chest and legs of one.  Anyway, he's an amazingly gentle and loving dog.  We got him about 5 years ago, and once he came out of his shell, he was the sweetest thing.
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Wow what a small community! Hi! I have a mutt named Buddy. I'm what you would call nuts for him. I don't have any pictures of him currently to post here, but will in the future. We think he is a mix of Red Heeler and something else, but were are not certain.

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Skittles [userpic]

Welcome to the community.

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