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February 2006
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Hi! I'm the sometimes proud, sometimes exasperated mommy/trainer to a boxer/lab mix who just turned a year old. She really is a great dog, very loving, very smart. But MAN she has energy like I've never seen before! We've been in training for about 8 months now (we adopted her from humane society at about 4 months and put her straight into training.) She's thriving in the classes and will be taking her TDI/CGC test on the 4th. If she passes, we're going to start agility classes. She's the sort of dog that has to have a "job" or hobby or she tears up the house (eats things, terrorizes cats, steals toys, etc). While she's shown the potential to be a therapy dog, she's definately got the desire and energy to be an agility dog, so I think we're going to go that route. As well as Sparkle the labraboxer, I have a husband (he's pretty well trained too), a 5 year old daughter (not as well trained lol), a second daughter on the way (due June 12th), 2 giant cats (we joke that they are half siamese, half black lab, they are littermates and the little one is 14 pounds. . .) and a white ring-necked dove. Anyway, I love my mutt and am looking forward to networking with others who love and spoil their furry family members as much as I do!