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February 2006
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Sashi [userpic]
W00t for the first picture post!

Helloooo? Anybody out there? Have you guys tried advertising on thedogcommunity?

Anyway, I have two dogs. One is a purebred toy poodle named Dimitri, and the other is a classic mutt named Johnny. Johnny's is a fascinating tale. We got him from the ASPCA as an abused stray. He had been found at an abandonned factory.  He was emaciated and terrified of people.  Oddly, they found him gaurding a litter of puppies that wasn't even his!  Dogs dont' have paternal instincts, do they?  But that's exactly what kind of dog Johnny is.

We joke that he's part duck or alligator, because nobody can place what breed he is.  Some say he's a "terrier mix", but I tend to think he's part corgi, because he has the chest and legs of one.  Anyway, he's an amazingly gentle and loving dog.  We got him about 5 years ago, and once he came out of his shell, he was the sweetest thing.

Here's Johnny laying down with my poodle, Dimitri.

Wow, I just realized that his ear looks really weird in this picture.  He must have been moving it.


Great looking dogs!!