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Nuts for Mutts
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This community is here to celebrate our beautiful mixed breed dogs. Whether it's a Rottweiler/Poodle or a Pit Bull/Yorkie, it's welcome here. Anyone is allowed to join!

Some ideas of what to post!!
-Pictures of your wonderful mutts!
-Pictures so we can guess the breeds!
-Advice on where to get a mutt, or how to raise one
-Training advice
-Boasts and brags
-Introductory posts are much welcomed
-Dogs in need!

Basic rules
-No flaming, keep things civil, please!
-Don't post anything not work safe. If you feel a need to post it, put it under a cut with warnings!
-Don't post anything not related to dogs in general.
-Please, no pictures of your purebred dog, unless it's along with several pictures of other mutts you own, or is in an intro post. Any shots of purebreds must be under an LJ-Cut (unless a mutt is in the same picture). No exceptions.